Thursday, March 5, 2009

postpostscript, re wage slavery.

I always meant to do a clarification on this post, about working.

At my last job, I worked with women twice my age, for the same pay rate (about $15/hour before tax, with super etc, it was just a warehouse job). It was undeniably depressing - watching these women (most who had worked there for years, mostly kind hearted, good people), mothers (many single), being treated as expendable, basically worthless worker bees. It didn't help that there were stupid gang ups on each other and factions (basically just bitching constantly about each other, which equalled no morale and a soul-destroying workplace run on fear & gossip). Not to mention the monthly Week Of Hell, thanks to the considerable percentage of pre-menopausal women whose periods had synced up. (It was a company of about 30 people: 4 males, the rest wuzzas, pre-menopausal about 60%). The job completely destroyed me, twice.

I can handle being paid a base wage right now, but in 20 years, I definitely hope that I receive income based on my experience and value to whatever 'organisation' I work for. I realise that most of my good friends have been doing wage slave type jobs, and that really can't be helped, being young. I just want something more. I want a job that makes a difference, or embraces my creativity (instead of stifling it).

These are my personal issues that I try and deal with by writing about them.

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