Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in love with cross stitch...

I know I said things like "CROSS STITCH IS SUPER BORING" and stuff like that, but I was wrong! I've fallen back in love with it again. Sometimes I need some structure in my life...

This ice cream contains drug references

I had a cute ice cream cones pattern, and couldn't resist the urge to make drug references. I'm classy.

I stitched this while watching episode after episode of Twin Peaks... and now I'm working on a cross stitch based on The Shining... haha. You'll see!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

!!!! Holy shit...

A couple of things I've discovered recently that have made me lose my shit a little...

CAKELAND by Scott Hove:


Stephen J Shanabrook
casts gory death scenes/pieces in chocolate

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recent stuff.

Recently I was featured on my favourite embroidery blog on the internet, Mr X Stitch! I'm so excited and proud to be featured among some amazing contemporary textile artists... find the link here!

Other things I've been up to recently:

Maximum carnage!
Patch for a bag... chain stitch obsessive!

With book for comparison...
Embroidered shirt, featuring an illustration from Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast Of Champions (which is a great book, by the way).

Embroidered patch for a shirt...
Patch for a shirt, I'm a David Foster Wallace nerd... READ INFINITE JEST.

For my friend Flick's birthday.

An Animated Description Of Mr Maps
"And he
woke up screaming,
having dreamed
of a colour he
had never seen
- from the song An Animated Description Of Mr Maps by The Books.