Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recent inspiration... & a cross stitch!

This is my last night living at my parents house, I'm feeling good, taking my last opportunity to drink my dad's beer. I can't wait to have my own space again, to create constantly, and not just waste time looking at gorgeous pictures... with that said, here are some amazing/inspiring/just generally rad pictures I've found on flickr in the last couple of days... click on the links to go to the original pages...

& to finish, my latest cross stitch I've uploaded to flickr...

This deer is tripping balls

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Items of insane cuteness I've received in the mail this week...

To be resinated... except maybe for the mini deer, I want to make some kind of intense diorama featuring millions of those guys! I'm going to (FINALLY) be opening an Etsy shop this week or next, selling my resin jewels!

(click for bigger pictures, duh!)
Cookies, biscuits, cupcakes... Cakes & octopi

Stickers My own private patisserie

Strawberries, ice creams & apples! Fawn party!
(see something you're interested in? Let me know!)

Things are super exciting right now, I'm moving back into inner Brisbane this week (finally in West End, joining the Slaughterhaus crew), where I'll have a room big enough to turn into half a studio area!

I get to play bridesmaid one more time today, at my brother & new sister's Australian reception! Should be a fun time had by all. Then, this week I plan to shave half my head or something ridiculous like that... my life is finally getting kickstarted again, and it's v exciting!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maybe an explanation as to why I have 'writer's block' here...

Quoting myself...

"People react badly to the truth, whether it be about themselves, or the people they think they know...
I think being veiled by anonymity is the only way you (I, we) can speak exactly what is on your mind without others taking things personally..."