Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick Update

I'm in London (Wembley, but driving to Liverpool today), I went to the Tate Modern yesterday & fell in love with Francis Bacon; his paintings gave me a feeling I haven't felt since I first saw Eraserhead... a kind of unexplainable transfixion & feeling of ... understanding... it's more like an internal shifting of gears, with an almost audible click that makes me feel unsettlingly more complete. Amazing. The Tate has an amazing body of works, with an enormous amount of surrealist art. I couldn't really sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about everything I saw... Can't wait to go home and be able to create again.

Also, yesterday I fucking saw the TARDIS. In real terms, outside Earl's Court tube station they have and old blue police box, which I was a little too excited seeing.

Budapest has been my favourite city on this trip, it's beautiful. Seeing the sights of Paris & London felt like looking through postcards (apart from the Parisian Catacombs which were awe inspiring), but before my trip I knew next to nothing & had no expectations about Budapest, but it's amazing & definitely somewhere I'll be going back to many times.

So far I have an enormous amount of photos to post to Flickr... but that will have to wait til I get home. It's 9 days til my brother's wedding!

Rome was also beautiful, seeing the Colosseum & Roman Forum were wicked unreal. xox