Saturday, January 31, 2009

Re-obsessed with cross stitch.

For once, these are actually my flickr photos! I've started doing cross stitch again, not long til my fingers and wrists start to ache... meanwhile, here are some of my old projects.
All done in 2008.

Other crafty things I've made...

Alice's brooch Mini canvas

I really wish my camera would work again. Stupid jerk camera!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picking Up at Lifeline Bookfest.

When I say 'picking up', I'm referring to books. I've had a few conversations this week about the possibilities of picking up (yes, trad usage now) at Bookfest... I just don't see it being possible. I'm waaaaay too picky when it come to books to actively seek out babes... and in my experience, the few attractive people who attend Bookfest (that I don't already know) tend to relieve the tables of pulp crap. Good for my bookshelf! Anyway, I went this morning & managed to pick up a couple...
  • Dave Eggers - What Is The What. I've been wanting to read this for a while, and scored a well-thumbed copy in the priced section. This alone made bookfest worth it for me.
  • Solzhenitsyn - Lenin In Zurich. I saw a few Solzhenitsyn's, but this was the only one I didn't have... seriously, if you spot a Solzhenitsyn, I thoroughly reccommend picking it up, esp. The First Circle and One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich.
  • Harold Pinter - The Caretaker.
  • Doctor Who - Travel Without The TARDIS. Yes, nerdy. It's a fan's guide to England, Scotland & Wales... will be using!
Plus others... some Tennessee Williams, Bernard Shaw, Joseph Conrad... plus a Samuel Beckett that I already have. Silly me. For the 5th day I think I did pretty well. Off to read...x

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's not like I don't like to have fun (I do), but I'm just really puzzled...

What do 'regular' people think about?
What's for tea?
Footy match on the weekend?
All that mundane shit....
It blows my mind that there are people (so many people!) who aren't even remotely interested EVER in thinking, about REALLY using their brains.
I can't help but think about this shit...

how do people just live their boring, shitty, meaningless lives without thinking outside their boxes? Slaving away for a fucking dollar or two til you're 60, never getting to enjoy the fruits of your labour... I'd rather kill myself. The human race have again defiled themselves to the point of slavery, after centuries of supposed evolution. Good bosses don't exist and I just don't understand why. Fear is still a motivator in the workplace. Fuck these people...

sick of thinking about this shit... fucking proles...