Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'On Scrapbooking'

Just something I posted on flickr that I thought I'd post here too:

Personally, I hate the word 'scrapbook'. The fact that 'scrapbooking' as a commercial term has been overtaken & used by some of the world's most mediocre and uncreative women (who need classes to teach them how to arrange images and think outside their boxes regarding any sort of embellishment) makes me cringe at the word.

I don't have a better term for it, though. Although, lately I've been using the term 'psychedelic collage' for my own stuff.

(I used to work at a 'scrapbooking warehouse', where I got to see the crappy, boring, country craft-baby book miasma firsthand. Even the 'professional designers' employed there made me want to vomit with their bland 'ideas'. "I'M A PRINCESS!!!!!!").

Every other scrapbooking group on flickr is all "LOOK AT MY BABY!!!" or "LOOK AT HOW PRETTY I AM!!!".

Don't even get me started on mothers who purposely pose every freakin' event in their lives to scrapbook later. Ugh! Sickos.

Ps. I have an idea - 'scrapebooking', as in "you'll have to scrape my face off the pavement, because this page is so goddamn boring & unoriginal that I'm going to throw myself headfirst out a 6-storey window after viewing it."

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