Monday, October 13, 2008


One of my favourite things about the Japanese language is the non-existence of Capitalisation. I prefer to listen to the language via music (listen to Gauze’s Fuckheads album, it‘s fucking genius) and movies (Kurosawa mostly, but my favourite is Tetsuo - The Iron Man, second only - in my world - to Eraserhead. There‘s hardly any dialogue in Tetsuo, but the soundtrack alone is brilliant industrial madness. My god, Shinya Tsukamoto is a babe in that movie. I know, I‘m a creep), but even in it’s loosest, most comfortable form, there’s still a strict order and restraint to Japanese. In English, I’m finding, you can be a lot more political with your Capitalisation. I am unsure if I would give “xmas” a capital even at the start of a sentence. xmas day, AKA baby Jesus’ b’day, means family gathering, but the faith aspect is of no interest to me, personally. I believe in science… Stephen Hawking’s birthday should be celebrated! What an interesting man. The things he must dream about… terrify me! All my favourite geniuses have some kind of “obstacle”. For Kurt Vonnegut, it was old age. It broke my fucking heart when he died. Sometimes, when I’m feeling… anxious, I open up Breakfast Of Champions at any page and read, It’s my own personal version of praying. I read until I feel calm, which always happens after a while, he always makes me feel better. Then I thank Mr Vonnegut, sir (really, my version of praying, you could say weed has opened up my mind regarding spirituality - when David Foster Wallace died, I went straight to Incarnations Of Burned Children for comfort. I read it over and over, sometimes getting stuck on certain parts, & bawled my eyes out. That story always hit a note with me since the first time I read it… I get so caught up in the pace of it, it’s brilliant… Devastated & Lost, indeed), for the lovely prose that he happened to bless the world with.

God bless you, Mr Vonnegut (he's up in heaven now, you know)...

Peas out,
Lisa Nicole x

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