Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2.30am - remember to breathe/dreams

My mind feels like it's sitting in stagnant water,
My brain pulses with stress, & refuses to shut off -
Breeding fear when I should be asleep.
I close my eyes
& I feel blood pulsing through my limbs.

I know I'm trying to talk myself out of sleeping, but I need a break from dreaming.
All my dreams involve international espionage... being chased or lost in foreign places.
When I try & piece them back together in the morning, (although I've given up; the more I remember, the less sense they make) I get frustrated, puzzled, & generally creeped out.

The subconscious is a wonderful thing.
Here's to having an overactive imagination,
& a habit of thinking (&thinking&thinking) about things I can't control.

Nights like these are why His Hero Is Gone are my favourite. (Headless/Heartless)

(I have 150 pages of The First Circle to go, but I'm already trying to decide what to read next... any suggestions? If I can procure my own copy, maybe it's time for Infinite Jest...)

In the spirit of the moment (reaching delerium now... yawn), here's a top 5 of my favourite lullabies to drift off to...

1. Mogwai - Come On Die Young (whole album)
2. Slint - Spiderland (ditto)
3. Joanna Newsom - Sawdust & Diamonds
4. Laurie Anderson - O Superman
5. Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) - Seafarer's Music
(Hon. mentions - Joy Division, Cat Power, Iron&Wine, Karate, Archers Of Loaf...etc)

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