Monday, November 17, 2008

Those who get it!

Ok, so I found some pretty amazing tattoos on that site... allow me to share:

Fuck this auto formatting... will edit never. Soz.


  1. BFK, i can't see amy winehouse's tattoos properly but they look pretty fucking great to me! i might look them up now, a bit of red winer googling never went astray. i have been thinking about my next tatt, i will have to talk to you about blowing the budget and getting it done. love flick

  2. OH SHIT, her "daddy's girl" tattoo is shocking! what was i thinking?

  3. Hahaha, they're just as trashy as her babe! My fave part in the pic I posted was the before/after of her shitty topless pinup - the artist was so cracked out at the time that he accidentally modelled the pinups boobs on Amy's... lolz. In the after shot it's covered up. x loveyouuuuu


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